Maya - Natural Water
Bottle design for a natural water that will be served on golf courses.
Shower Screens
Product visualization for a catalog.
Light Bulb
Creative light bulb design for a marketing agency promotion.
Wired Fruit
"Wire creating fruit" concept.
Jewelry product visualization.
Luxor Aquamatic - Catalog
A complete catalog design with over 100 pages for a bathtub manufacturing company. Full catalog here: http://issuu.com/luxor.mk/docs/catalogue_2011
Couch Set
Promotional renderings for a new couch set.
Sports cap design inspired by the butterfly wings.
Curved Doors
Concept design of a wooden curved door.
Feydom Furniture
Web catalog for modern modular sofas.
Promotional rendering for a new sauna product.
Sports Bicycle
Futuristic sports bicycle concept.
Lyncis Ad
Creative advertisement design for a real-time render engine application.
Coffee Table
Curved coffee table with revolving drawers.
Water Tap
Ring water tap design.
Wrist Watch
Teenage wrist watch design with interchangeable rubber belts.
Basketball Shoes
New basketball shoes design.
Lounge Chair
Design of a new lounge chair.
Public Seating
Modular chair design for public seating areas.
Perfume Bottle
Concept design of a perfume bottle.
Flash Drive
3D Visualization of two flash drive designs.
Vacuum Cleaner
Concept design of a vacuum cleaner.
Blender concept design.